The are tons of activities that we host on the Boston Cruise Party. This can include anything from games, music, to dance. One of the most popular activities that we have every week is a dance competition. The dance competition can allow you to win amazing prices which makes it even more interesting. Besides, it is even participated by a lot of people.

dance competition
Music competition

The other event is related to games. There are numerous small games that we play throughout the weekend in order to keep you entertained. These games can be participated by everyone anyone. Similar to the dance competition here also you will win a prize. These can include anything from board games to a table tennis match.

Lastly, sometimes we even have a singing competition for those who love doing it. This usually includes solo performances and team karaoke. It is conducted usually during the day when the party mode is not on that high. It keeps you busy and allows you to interact with the rest of the party group. Overall, it is the best way to spend your day on the cruise.