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After a tedious week of work, we all love to party and relax. Usually, we would go to a club or hang out with friends during the weekend. But how do you take this party mode to the next level? It can all be done with the help of Boston Party Cruisers. We make sure that you and your friends can have fun throughout the weekend without having to visit multiple places. We give you a complete range of services so that you can have an experience of a lifetime.

As the name suggests Boston Party Cruise is a weekend-long get together that goes on one of the most luxurious Cruises in Boston. The party cruise sets out on Friday evening and returns on Sunday evening. It gives you two entire days of party mode so that you can get over your entire week's troubles easily. Also, the cruise has a capacity of accommodating more than 100 people at once. So you can always have a grand party.


Apart from this, the cruise even comes with bartenders and basic staff who can assist you in having a great party. The staff is professionally trained which means it will feel that you are in a club always. However, where the booze and food are decided as per the client request. On the other hand, if you wish to who travel to another location on the cruise while partying then that too is possible.

You can also feel good knowing that every party cruise has a Registered Nurse on board should any type of medical attention be needed. In additional to medical personnel on board, all medical records are stored in HIPAA compliant hosting servers for maximum patient protection (if you're unfamiliar with why this is important, hop over to to learn more).

To know more about the services we offer and how you can register for them get in touch with us soon!!

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